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The major events that take place in the surrounding area of the farmhouse


The Leoncavallo Festival

The town of Montalto Uffugo has an ancient and glorious cultural tradition, that pay tribute to the solemn celebrations to master Ruggero Leoncavallo, illustrious citizen of Montalto, although honorary and not of birth, who has linked his masterpiece I Pagliacci (The clowns) with Montalto Uffugo.

In August the city pays tribute to the great Neapolitan composer with Leoncavallo Festival, International Lyric Competition chaired each year by the most famous artists. The purpose of the competition is to discover and foster young musical talent and strengthen the natural vocation of the city opera.

The Lyric Competition is inserted into the wide program of the Festival Leoncavallo, with a schedule full of events ranging from music to theater, film exhibitions and conferences, aimed to satisfy a wide audience.

The festival Leoncavallo culminates with a large evening Gala, the award ceremony and a concert of the winners of the lyric. A competition that is becoming more popular, not only for its quality and the number of participants, but also for many fans of opera and art lovers that visit Montalto to listen to young musical talents of tomorrow.

Race Car Luzzi-Sambucina

For many years the famous Luzzi Sambucina or Calabrian hill climbing, that is a part of the Italian Hill Climb Trophy South takes place in Luzzi in September. Mountain area is also used for competitions of National Historic Cars. This is an exciting path that winds for more than 6 km, with an average gradient of 6.75%.

The Mountain height is 420 meters above the sea, it is challenging but full of all the features that a climber want. The number of participants grows every year and the vast echo that the race has already collected in past editions, makes the event an efficient promotional tool for a region.

Cronoscalata Luzzi-Sambucina
Concerto di Ferragosto

Ferragosto in Montalto

Each year the summer in Montalto start a series of initiatives, shows, and parties promoted by the City Council in collaboration with other organizations and associations. The events, which begin in late July, last until early September.

It is highly recommended to visit the film festival in the open air screening the most successful films of the year, and the theater festival, staged by companies Montaltesi.

The most important event of the summer is the day of the patron Saint Madonna of Serra, one of the most heartfelt celebrations of the town, during which there is a big fair, which attract visitors from all over the district.

Finally to mention there is an important annual event dedicated to the famous musician Ruggero Leoncavallo, during which several concerts of opera and symphonic music and also exhibitions and various performances are held.

Pilgrimage to the Shrine of St. Francis of Paola

The Shrine of St. Francis of Paola, patron of Calabria and protector of Seafarers of the Italian nation, is the spiritual heart and the center of devotion to excellence of Calabria. The sanctuary is located in Paola, one of the most important centers of the Tyrrhenian coast between Cape Bonifati and Amantea and has five centuries of history.

It is also an important centre of the arts and culture, not only in the city of Paola and the region Calabria, but in the whole world thanks to the huge artistic heritage that is preserved in it.

Every year a lot of faithful come from all over Calabria for the solemn celebrations in honor of the saint on the 4th of May. During the four-day festival there are many civil and religious events. In 2007 the sanctuary had celebrated the fifth centenary of the death of St. Francis of Paola and the city had prepared many initiatives to honor the Saint of Charity.

Santuario San Francesco di Paola