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We cultivate the land and raise our cattle, as did our grandparents to offer healthy and genuine products


Agritourism farm is an integral part of the agricultural activity of the Aceto family.

The Company has a zootechnical farm, which produces «high quality milk», and red and white meat. Our guests (adults and children) can visit the company’s facilities and take part in milking under the guidance of our veterinary.

Our farm is surrounded by the deep green of olive trees and vineyards. The care given to these two cultures helps us to produce two basic elements: olive oil extra virgine and wine I.T.G.

Since the 2006 harvest, the Company has built a cellar, where guests can taste our wine called «Nectar of the Gods» produced at the farm.

The Agritourism Villa Santa Caterina is proud of its farm products: milk and dairy products, meat, oil, wine and various season vegetables, which will take you on a wonderful journey of discovering the culinary traditions of our land of Calabria.



Wine, oil, milk, fresh fruit and many other products yet to offer delicious dishes and genuine


The passion for genuine products and authentic flavors is the basis of the agricultural farm.

Products of their own production which are presented to the guests of the Villa is the source of pride and satisfaction for the Aceto family.

The aspect of wine-making is the point of strength of company’s restaurant. Thanks to the great care of the vineyards and the careful work in the cellar, equipped with all the necessary facilities for the perfect wine making, the wines of our farm are among the best products.

Our other excellent product is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, derived exclusively from olives harvested in our own olive grove.

In addition to zootechnical breeding our farm produce milk, cheese, meat and sausages which are all characterized by the highest purity and represent, along with other our products, the quality that our farm intends to offer.